Ranked List Of Supplies For Your Kitchen


Ranked List Of Supplies For Your Kitchen

“What are the top items needed for your Kitchen?” We looked at 47 “New Home Supply” lists aggregating and ranking the top results for every room in the house so we could answer that very question!

Kitchen Supplies is just 1/10th of our “Ultimate New Home Supply” list. The other 9 parts can be found below:

Downloadable PDF’s of this list and a Ranked or Alphabetical Download of our Ultimate List can be found at the bottom of the page (Quick Jump To Bottom).

After aggregating the 47 Top Home Supply Lists (see lists) together, there were over 260 Kitchen items that appeared on at least one article. The top item appeared on 18 different lists.

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Top List Of Items Needed For A New Kitchen

# of Lists House Item Blog Amazon
18 Can Opener Amazon
15 Measuring Cups Amazon
14 Colander Amazon
13 Mixing Bowl Amazon
12 Measuring Spoons Amazon
12 Spatulas Amazon
11 Cutting Board Amazon
11 Wooden spoons Amazon
10 Blender Amazon
10 Oven Mitts Amazon
9 Microwave Amazon
8 Knives Amazon
8 Plates Amazon
8 Toaster Amazon
7 Chef’s Knife Amazon
7 Hand Mixer Amazon
7 Paring Knife Amazon
6 Coffee Machine Amazon
6 Cookie Sheets Amazon
6 Cups Amazon
6 Dishwashing Liquid Amazon
6 Saucepans W/ Covers Amazon
6 Silverware Amazon
6 Vegetable Peeler Amazon
6 Whisk Amazon
5 Dish Rags Amazon
5 Dishes Amazon
5 Kettle Amazon
5 Ladles Amazon
5 Pot Holders Amazon
5 Pots Amazon
5 Rolling Pin Amazon
5 Stock Pot Amazon
5 Toaster Over Amazon
4 Baking Bans Amazon
4 Bottle Opener Amazon
4 Cookbook Amazon
4 Dish Drying Rack Amazon
4 Dish Soap Amazon
4 Dish Towels Amazon
4 Dutch Oven Amazon
4 Flatware Set Amazon
4 Food Processor Amazon
4 Frying Pan Amazon
4 Glassware Amazon
4 Grater Amazon
4 Kitchen Towels Amazon
4 Muffin Pan Amazon
4 Mugs Amazon
4 Pans Amazon
4 PiePan Amazon
4 Roasting Pan & Rack Amazon
4 Salt & Pepper Set Amazon
4 Serving Platters Amazon
4 Serving Spoons Amazon
4 Spice Rack Amazon
4 Teapot Amazon
4 Tongs Amazon
4 Utensils Amazon
4 Wine Glasses Amazon
3 Baking Sheets Amazon
3 Bowls Amazon
3 Box Grater Amazon
3 Cake Pan Amazon
3 Casserole Dish Amazon
3 Cookware Set Amazon
3 Corkscrew Amazon
3 Dishwasher Amazon
3 Food Storage Amazon
3 Ice Cube Trays Amazon
3 Kitchen Timer Amazon
3 Napkins Amazon
3 Nonstick Frying Pan Amazon
3 Pepper Grinder Amazon
3 Plastic Cutting Board Amazon
3 Plastic Wrap Amazon
3 Potholders Amazon
3 Rubber Spatula Amazon
3 Salad Spinner Amazon
3 Serrated Knife Amazon
3 Sheet Pan Amazon
3 Skillet Amazon
3 Slotted Spoon Amazon
3 Thermometer Amazon
3 Tumbler Amazon
3 Wax Papaer Amazon
2 Casserole Pan Amazon
2 Coffee Mugs Amazon
2 Cooking Utensils Amazon
2 Drinking Glasses Amazon
2 Egg Turner Amazon
2 Foils Amazon
2 Forks Amazon
2 Hot Pads Amazon
2 Kitchen Shears Amazon
2 Knife Sharpener Amazon
2 Large Bowl Amazon
2 Liquid Measuring Cup Amazon
2 Plastic or Glass Food Storage Containers Amazon
2 Plastic Utensils Amazon
2 Potato Masher Amazon
2 Pots and Pans Amazon
2 Pyrex Set Amazon
2 Refrigerator Amazon
2 Serving Bowls Amazon
2 Serving Dishes Amazon
2 Silicon Spatula Amazon
2 Silverware Tray Amazon
2 Slicing Knife Amazon
2 Stainless Steel Cleaner Amazon
2 Steak Knife Amazon
2 Stove Amazon
2 Strainer Amazon
2 Tea Cups Amazon
2 Utility Knife Amazon
2 Water Glasses Amazon
2 Zip Top Bags Amazon
1 Baking Powder Amazon
1 Balloon Whisk Amazon
1 Bar Spoon Amazon
1 Bar Towels Amazon
1 Bentonite Clay Amazon
1 Boning Knife Amazon
1 Bottlebrush Amazon
1 Bottles Amazon
1 Bread Bin Amazon
1 Bread Pan Amazon
1 Canister Set Amazon
1 Carving Knife Amazon
1 Cast Iron Amazon
1 Ceramic Baking Dish Amazon
1 Champagne Flutes Amazon
1 Chopper Amazon
1 Chopping Board Amazon
1 Clear Wrap Amazon
1 Cobbler Shaker Amazon
1 Cocktail Glasses Amazon
1 Coffee Filter Amazon
1 Collins Glasses Amazon
1 Cookware Scrubbers Amazon
1 Cooling racks Amazon
1 Corked Bottles Amazon
1 Countertop Appliances Amazon
1 Countertop Compost Amazon
1 Countertop Storage Amazon
1 Crock Pot Amazon
1 Crystal Amazon
1 Cutlery Amazon
1 Cutlery Divider Amazon
1 Cutlery Tray Amazon
1 Decanters Amazon
1 Dinnerware Set Amazon
1 Disposable Bowls Amazon
1 Disposable Plates Amazon
1 Disposable Utensils Amazon
1 Draining Rack Amazon
1 Drawer Liners Amazon
1 Drawer Tray Amazon
1 Drip Coffee Maker Amazon
1 Drying Mat Amazon
1 Foil Wrap Amazon
1 Food Wrap Amazon
1 French Press Amazon
1 Freezer Amazon
1 Fruit Bowl Amazon
1 Funnel Amazon
1 Glass Baking Pan Amazon
1 Goldware Amazon
1 Granite/stone countertops Amazon
1 Grill Amazon
1 Grill Pan Amazon
1 Highball Glasses Amazon
1 Honing Steel Amazon
1 Hotpot Amazon
1 Ice Bucket Amazon
1 Ice Cream Scoop Amazon
1 Ice Tongs Amazon
1 Jiggers Amazon
1 Juice Glasses Amazon
1 Juice Jug Amazon
1 Juicers Amazon
1 Kitchen Matches Amazon
1 Kitchen Scale Amazon
1 Kitchen Scrubber Amazon
1 Kitchen Shelves Amazon
1 Kitchen Sponge Amazon
1 Kitchen Table Amazon
1 Kitchen Tool Holder Amazon
1 Kitchen Twine Amazon
1 Knife Block Amazon
1 Knife Set Amazon
1 Large Saucepan Amazon
1 Large Spoon Amazon
1 Lemon Juicer Amazon
1 Liners Amazon
1 Marble Surfaces Amazon
1 Measuring Jug Amazon
1 Med Casserole Dish Amazon
1 Mesh Strainer Amazon
1 Metal Spatula Amazon
1 Metal Tongs Amazon
1 Metal Whisk Amazon
1 Milk Crate Amazon
1 Mixer Amazon
1 Mortar and Pestle Amazon
1 Multi-Piece Drink Set Amazon
1 Napkin Holder Amazon
1 Omelette Pan Amazon
1 Oven Amazon
1 pancake Turner Amazon
1 Panini Maker / Grill Amazon
1 Paper Cups Amazon
1 Paper Goods Amazon
1 Paper Serving Trays Amazon
1 Pastry Blender Amazon
1 Pint Glass Amazon
1 pizza Cutter Amazon
1 Pizza Pan / Cookie Sheet Amazon
1 Platter Amazon
1 Pot Lids Amazon
1 Pot Scrubbers Amazon
1 Potato Peeler Amazon
1 Rice Cooker Amazon
1 Roaster Amazon
1 Salad Bowl Amazon
1 Sandwich Bag Amazon
1 Sauté Pan Amazon
1 Sauté Spoon Amazon
1 Serving Ladle Amazon
1 Set of Canisters Amazon
1 Sharp Knives Amazon
1 Silicon Spoons Amazon
1 Silver Dinnerware Amazon
1 Sippy Cups Amazon
1 Slotted Spatula Turner Amazon
1 Small Bowls Amazon
1 Small Saucepan Amazon
1 Soda Maker Amazon
1 Soup Bowls Amazon
1 Soup Spoons Amazon
1 Spoons Amazon
1 Square Brownie Pan Amazon
1 Stainless Steel Cookware Amazon
1 Stainless Steel Bowls Amazon
1 Steamer Pot Amazon
1 Stemware Amazon
1 Stove Cleaner Amazon
1 Tea Spoons Amazon
1 Travel Mug Amazon
1 Utensil Tray Amazon
1 Utility Sink Amazon
1 Vegetable Cleaning Brush Amazon
1 Vintage Silver Amazon
1 Water Filtration Amazon
1 Water Pitcher & Filters Amazon
1 Wine Key Amazon
1 Whisk Amazon
1 Wok Amazon
1 Wooden Chopping Board Amazon
1 Zester Amazon

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