Ranked List Of Food Items To Stock Your Kitchen


Ranked List Of Food Items To Stock Your Kitchen

“What are the top food items needed when stocking a kitchen?” We looked at 47 “New Home Supply” lists aggregating and ranking the top results for every room in the house so we could answer that very question!

Food Supplies is just 1/10th of our “Ultimate New Home Supply” list. The other 9 parts can be found below:

Downloadable PDF’s of this list and a Ranked or Alphabetical Download of our Ultimate List can be found at the bottom of the page (Quick Jump To Bottom).

After aggregating the 47 Top Home Supply Lists (see lists) together, there were over 216 Food items that appeared on at least one article. The top item appeared on 6 different lists.

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Top List Of Food Items For A New Kitchen

# of Lists House Item Blog Amazon
6 Baking Soda Amazon
5 Coffee Amazon
5 Tea Amazon
4 Black Pepper Amazon
4 Bread Amazon
4 Cereal Amazon
4 Eggs Amazon
4 Fresh Fruit Amazon
4 Milk Amazon
4 Salt Amazon
3 Beans Amazon
3 Chicken Broth Amazon
3 Flour All-Purpose Amazon
3 Ice Cream Amazon
3 Mayonnaise Amazon
3 Meat Amazon
3 Mustard Amazon
3 Pasta Amazon
3 Peanut Butter Amazon
3 Potatoes Amazon
3 Rice Amazon
3 Snacks Amazon
3 Sugar Amazon
3 Thyme Amazon
3 Tomatoes Amazon
3 Vegetables Amazon
3 White Vinegar Amazon
2 Apple Cider Vinegar Amazon
2 Apples Amazon
2 Bananas Amazon
2 Bell Peppers Amazon
2 Butter Amazon
2 Carrots Amazon
2 Cheese Amazon
2 Chili Powder Amazon
2 Crackers Amazon
2 Cream Amazon
2 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Amazon
2 Fish Amazon
2 Garlic Amazon
2 Honey Amazon
2 Hot Sauce Amazon
2 Jelly, Jam or Preserves Amazon
2 Ketchup Amazon
2 Lemons Amazon
2 Lettuce Amazon
2 Maple Syrup Amazon
2 Mixers Amazon
2 Nuts Amazon
2 Olive Oil Amazon
2 Onions Amazon
2 Oregano Amazon
2 Rosemary Amazon
2 Soy Sauce or Tamari Amazon
2 Tortillas Amazon
2 Tuna Amazon
2 Vinegar Amazon
2 Yogurt Amazon
1 Agave Syrup Amazon
1 Aged Rum Amazon
1 Aged Tequila Amazon
1 Almond Oil Amazon
1 Anchovy Fillets Amazon
1 Angostura Bitters Amazon
1 Applesauce Amazon
1 Asian Fish Sauce Amazon
1 Avocados Amazon
1 Baby Food Amazon
1 Bacon Amazon
1 Bag / Chip Clips Amazon
1 Balsamic or Sherry Vinegar Amazon
1 Barbecue Sauce Amazon
1 Basic spices Amazon
1 Bay Leaves Amazon
1 Beef Amazon
1 Beverages Amazon
1 Blended Scotch whiskey Amazon
1 Boneless Chicken Breasts Amazon
1 Bottles Water Amazon
1 Bourbon Amazon
1 Breadcrumbs Amazon
1 Broccoli or Cauliflower Amazon
1 Brown Rice Amazon
1 Brown Sugar Amazon
1 Cabbage Amazon
1 Cacao Butter Amazon
1 Cajun Seasoning Amazon
1 Cake Mix Amazon
1 Canned Coconut Milk Amazon
1 Canned Soup Amazon
1 Canned Tomatoes Amazon
1 Canned Tuna Amazon
1 Canola Oil Amazon
1 Cayenne Pepper Amazon
1 Celery Amazon
1 Champagne Amazon
1 Cheddar or Mozzarella Amazon
1 Chiles Amazon
1 Chocolate Chips or Bar Amazon
1 Cinnamon Amazon
1 Club Soda Amazon
1 Cocoa Powder Amazon
1 Coconut Oil Amazon
1 Cognac Amazon
1 Coke Amazon
1 Confectioners’ Sugar Amazon
1 Cookie Mix Amazon
1 Cookies or Biscuits Amazon
1 Cooking Oil Amazon
1 Corn Amazon
1 Cream of Tartar Amazon
1 Crushed Red Pepper Amazon
1 Curry Powder Amazon
1 Dessert Amazon
1 Dough Amazon
1 Dressings Amazon
1 Dried Cranberries Amazon
1 Dried Fruit Amazon
1 Dried Pasta Amazon
1 Dried Rasins Amazon
1 Dried Snacks Amazon
1 Emergency Bottled Water Amazon
1 Emergency Food Amazon
1 Evaporated Milk Amazon
1 Fennel Amazon
1 Fine Salt Amazon
1 Flat-Leaf Parsley Amazon
1 Frankincense Amazon
1 Fresh Juices Amazon
1 Fresh Vegetables Amazon
1 Frozen Berries Amazon
1 Frozen Food Amazon
1 Frozen Fruit Amazon
1 Frozen Vegetables Amazon
1 Garlic Press Amazon
1 Ginger Root Amazon
1 Goat Cheese Amazon
1 Grains Amazon
1 Grand Marnier Amazon
1 Granulated Garlic Amazon
1 Granulated Sugar Amazon
1 Grapes Amazon
1 Ground Beef Amazon
1 Ground Cinnamon Amazon
1 Ground Cloves Amazon
1 Ground Cumin Amazon
1 Ground Ginger Amazon
1 Italian Seasoning Amazon
1 Juice Amazon
1 Leafy Greens Amazon
1 Lentils Amazon
1 Limes Amazon
1 London Dry Gin Amazon
1 Long-Grain White Rice Amazon
1 Mandarin Amazon
1 Marshmallows Amazon
1 Munchies Amazon
1 Oatmeal Amazon
1 Oil Blend Amazon
1 Old-Fashioned Rolled Oats Amazon
1 Olives or Capers Amazon
1 Orange Bitters Amazon
1 Oranges Amazon
1 Paprika Amazon
1 Parmesan (wedge) Amazon
1 Peas Amazon
1 Peppermint Amazon
1 Peychaud’s bitters Amazon
1 Pickles Amazon
1 Plain Yogurt Amazon
1 Plymouth Gin Amazon
1 Polenta Amazon
1 Popcorn Kernels Amazon
1 Pork Loin Chops Amazon
1 Potpourri Amazon
1 Pretzels Amazon
1 Pure Vanilla Extract Amazon
1 Red Wine Amazon
1 Red Wine Vinegar Amazon
1 Rice Vinegar Amazon
1 Roasted Red Peppers Amazon
1 Rock Salt Amazon
1 Rye Whiskey Amazon
1 Salmon Amazon
1 Salsa Amazon
1 Scallions Amazon
1 Seeds Amazon
1 Sesame Seeds Amazon
1 Silver Rum Amazon
1 Silver Tequila Amazon
1 Simple Syrup Amazon
1 Single-Malt Scotch Amazon
1 Soup/Broth Amazon
1 Spices Amazon
1 Sprite Amazon
1 Sweet and Dry Vermouths Amazon
1 Toasted Sesame Oil Amazon
1 Tofu Amazon
1 Tomato Paste Amazon
1 Tonic Amazon
1 Triple Sec Amazon
1 Trivets Amazon
1 Turkey Cutlets Amazon
1 Unsalted Butter Amazon
1 Vanilla Amazon
1 Vanilla Ice Cream Amazon
1 Vegetable Oil Amazon
1 Vitamins Amazon
1 Vodka Amazon
1 Water Amazon
1 White Wine Amazon
1 Whole Grains Amazon
1 Whole Nutmeg Amazon
1 Whole Oats Amazon
1 Worcestershire Sauce Amazon

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