Ranked List Of The Top Electronics And Entertainment Needed For A New Home


Ranked List Of The Top Electronics And Entertainment Needed For A New Home

“What are the top Electronics needed when moving into a new house?” We looked at 47 “New Home Supply” lists aggregating and ranking the top results for every room in the house so we could answer that very question!

Electronic and Entertainment Supplies is just 1/10th of our “Ultimate New Home Supply” list. The other 9 parts can be found below:

Downloadable PDF’s of this list and a Ranked or Alphabetical Download of our Ultimate List can be found at the bottom of the page (Quick Jump To Bottom).

After aggregating the 47 Top Home Supply Lists (see lists) together, there were over 60 items that appeared on at least one article with the top items appearing on 5 different lists.

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Top List Of Entertainment And Electronics For A New Home

# of Lists House Item Blog Amazon
5 Computer or Laptop Amazon
5 Printer Amazon
3 Calculators Amazon
3 DVD/Blu-ray Player Amazon
3 Television Amazon
2 Exercise Equipment Amazon
2 Internet Amazon
2 iPad Amazon
2 Paper Shredder Amazon
2 Radio Amazon
2 Scanner Amazon
2 Toys Amazon
2 TV Amazon
1 Air Conditioner Amazon
1 Backup Driver Amazon
1 Bluetooth Speakers Amazon
1 CD Player Amazon
1 CD Storage Amazon
1 Chargers Amazon
1 Charging Cords Amazon
1 Communications System Amazon
1 Ear Buds Amazon
1 Electrical Fuses Amazon
1 Electronics Amazon
1 Entertainment Amazon
1 Ethernet Cable Amazon
1 External Hard Drive Amazon
1 Fax Amazon
1 Film Amazon
1 Flash Drive Amazon
1 Games Amazon
1 Gaming Systems Amazon
1 Hand Crank Radio Amazon
1 HDMI Cable Amazon
1 Headphones Amazon
1 Heaters Amazon
1 Heating Unit Amazon
1 Internet Router Amazon
1 Laptop Accessories Amazon
1 Laptop Lock Amazon
1 Monitor Amazon
1 Music or iPod Dock Amazon
1 Musical Instruments Amazon
1 Organ Amazon
1 Personal Server Amazon
1 Photography Amazon
1 Portable Chargers Amazon
1 Portables Speakers Amazon
1 Puzzles Amazon
1 Records Amazon
1 Respirator Mask Amazon
1 Software Amazon
1 Space Heater Amazon
1 Stereo Amazon
1 Stereo Equipment Amazon
1 Travel Converter & Adapter Amazon
1 Turntable Amazon
1 UPS Amazon
1 USB Wall Adapters Amazon
1 Wall Clock Amazon
1 Watches Amazon
1 Window Air Conditioner Amazon
1 Wireless router Amazon

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